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Kena Circles
Welcome to Kena Circles. Circles are creative spaces that you can build or join to engage with your fan base, jam with like minded people, build a space for your band members to collaborate, build spaces for students and educators to communicate or whatever creative collaborations you want to endeavor as a musician.
If you want to create a circle, you need to apply for circle credits stating the purpose of why you want to create a circle. Upon review you shall be awarded circle credits that will allow you to create your own circles. Each circle credit allows you to create 1 circle. Once you have consumed all credits, you can apply for more.
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What are circles?
circles are designed to invigorate your learning experiences with a sense of competitive play. When you take up a challenge, you tend to work harder and execute sharper.

The 'Learn Challenge' sets you up with people to learn a musical objective collectively within a time-frame. Upload your learning videos during the challenge to get feedback and improve.

The 'Perform Challenge' sets you up to give your best performance of a cover, standard or a musical piece. Upload your best performance during the challenge and compete with the best.
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